20 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software You Should Use in 2023

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users all over the globe and is the second most used platform after Facebook. it’s also become one of the foremost used marketing channels. There are more than 65 billion messages sent on WhatsApp in one single day. Most of these users are coming from South Africa, Brazil, the USA, Europe & Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

All these statistics and therefore the increasing popularity of WhatsApp have triggered many marketers to use this platform for marketing their business. this is often thanks to the high acceptance of WhatsApp among users.

The smartest way to market through WhatsApp is through WhatsApp Marketing Software. Needless to say, the success rate of this marketing method is proven to be extremely high. And a lot of brands are getting really creative with their WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

The best thanks to market your products and services via WhatsApp is by using Bulk WhatsApp Sender with clever marketing strategies to get an honest success rate. we’ve compiled a number of the simplest bulk WhatsApp software list for you during this article.

This article will get you acquainted with some of the finest and most popular WhatsApp marketing software in India and around the world.

Why Should You Use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Bulk WhatsApp marketing software is one of the simplest ways to send promotional offers and gain brand recognition at an early stage. Also, at a time when many social media channels are getting ice, it’s important to settle on the channel that quickly disseminates key information. Some main benefits of WhatsApp bulk marketing are —

  1. B2B businesses: They can efficiently make use of this platform to tell their clients about their offers and services
  2. Multimedia Support- WhatsApp not only supports text messages but you’ll also attach images, audios, and V cards alongside messages to plug your products. Also, you’ll send URLs to urge more clicks and website visits.
  3. Brand positioning- Reaching out to more people implies that you position your brand better in the market, where your products get more visibility.
  4. Cost-Efficient- You can circulate information about the products and services at a minimal cost.
  5. Blue Ticks- Blue Ticks help marketers to understand the open rate of messages. This helps to watch the success of selling campaigns.
  6. Cross-Platform Communication- Various WhatsApp marketing tools help to determine communication across various platforms.
  7. Easy to use- WhatsApp is an easy-to-use software that needs no training and no additional plug-ins.

Round-up: Top 20 Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools

If you’re a business owner of a little business, or could also be you’re operating an enormous enterprise. WhatsApp recently in January announced its WhatsApp Business App to selective markets Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, and us, India, and the UK.

This announcement allows any business that starts out utilizing WhatsApp as a marketing channel into their overall marketing strategy. To even further integrate WhatsApp as a part of an e-commerce eco-system, WhatsApp also released WhatsApp Payments in India integrating UPI as the payment option in the beta version.

This surely marks the importance of WhatsApp’s overall strategy to steer WhatsApp as another marketing channel for the majority of the business advertisers available online and on mobile.

But, the primary major issue that the majority of marketers today face is getting more subscribers to their WhatsApp Business app. And secondly, creating engagement using its native app so that they will monetize their list, have continuous communication, and be ready to generate more income, revenue, and growth by utilizing WhatsApp as a business communication tool.

So, here’s the list of top 20 WhatsApp bulk messaging software, applications, tools, script, and services, and several other solutions & resources available for anyone to start out promoting their WhatsApp Business app to expand their marketing list using WhatsApp as a marketing channel.

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With quite 40,000 small and enormous clients, Whatso is one of the leading WhatsApp marketing tools. Also, with new Anti-Blocking technology, you’ll seamlessly send messages to targeted customers.

This WhatsApp bulk software tool is right for little and mid-sized businesses as its features are intuitively designed to extend user engagement and drive sales faster. You can check out our WhatsApp Marketing Software page to know more.

Key features

  • Send announcements, updates, and offers to several customers at a time.
  • Send personalized messages with greetings and customer names.
  • Easily import contacts from CSV, TXT files, or by simply copying and pasting.
  • Extract contacts from WhatsApp groups and Schedule messages.
  • Filter the contacts for targeted marketing Send text messages with images, videos, audios, and vCard files
  • Using automation and chatbot, connecting with customers has become more effortless and easy.

Pricing: WhatsApp marketing software price is $79/Year for the standard plan and  $89/Year for the professional plan. Whatso also has a White label WhatsApp marketing platform for just $279 for lifetime.


WappBlaster whatsapp marketing tool

WappBlaster is one of the simplest WhatsApp bulk message sender software that helps you to send unlimited bulk messages to your current and potential clients. This intuitively designed offers several features for effective marketing.

Since there’s no character limit to sending text messages, pitching your ideas to potential and constant customers becomes straightforward through WappBlaster.

Key features:

  • Anti Blocking algorithm for hassle-free bulk messaging Multi-language functionality.
  • Supports multiple accounts and you’ll switch between several accounts in running campaigns.
  • Share video links to urge thousands of clicks or views Instantly create and upload a database of consumers.
  • Automatic group posting.
  • Schedule texts Send text, images, and videos with captions
  • Easily generate reports of messages that you simply have sent.

Pricing: First Key Per Day is free and the Second Key per annum is Rs. 500 or $10.


whappext bulk whatsapp software

Whappext may be a bulk WhatsApp marketing software that permits you to send bulk messages to many users on just one occasion. The answer comes with numerous features that enable you to speak together with your existing and potential customers on WhatsApp and keep them engaged.

Whappext comes with global support and allows you to attach together with your customers worldwide.

Key features

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface Guaranteed data security for business and customer data.
  • WhatsApp Numbers filter to filter active regular and business WhatsApp numbers
  • Detailed reports and statistics for better decision-making.
  • Support for all major sorts of multimedia.
  • Can put your campaigns on autopilot mode with the auto-responder feature.
  • Simple setup process to start out sending messages instantly.
  • Share video links to urge thousands of clicks or views Support Multi-language functionality One-time payment for any license with lifetime support and updates.

Pricing: Single PC $125/ License Software + KEYGE $399

What Sender

WhatSender whatsapp bulk software

Whatsender is one of the foremost user-friendly WhatsApp marketing tools that permit you to send bulk marketing messages right from your PC. The tools are often easily customized as per the requirements of the user.

You can send personal messages like greetings or business-related messages like promotional offers easily through this platform employing a laptop. It’s supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8, and Windows 10.

Key features

  • Import all the contacts from CSV and TXT files by simply copying and pasting.
  • Customize messages and add recipients’ names or other variables.
  • Get access to new contacts from WhatsApp groups.
  • Generate a log after sending messages Automatically send messages on a group at the same time.
  • Filter contacts to drive targeted campaigns.

Pricing: whatsapp bulk message software one is WhatSender which is Free and the other is WhatSender Professional $29.90

WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

WhatsApp Bulk sender is one of the foremost advanced bulk messaging tools that comes with many features. The WhatsApp bulk sender tool allows you to send messages from any number at any time. Also, you’ll share promotional messages alongside images and videos. It comes full of many features in an intuitively designed interface and constant customer support.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software Key features

  • Add unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send huge amounts of thousands of messages.
  • You can personalize your inbox for all the incoming messages.
  • Send individual replies to customer queries.
  • Categorize clients into different groups to focus on the audience effectively.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Track marketing campaign after sending messages.
  • Receive alerts after sending messages or before sending automatic messages

Pricing: For any kind of Standard License and Ultimate License Contact WhatsApp Bulk Sender for pricing.


Agnitas WhatsApp marketing tools

Agnitas is one of the widely used WhatsApp marketing tools within the industry which will assist you to watch your marketing campaign effectively with minimum cost. The WhatsApp bulk message sender possesses various features like multimedia and multiple language support which will assist you to succeed with a wider audience.

Key features

  • Helps in cross channel marketing i.e. you’ll integrate other marketing channels like fax, email, web push notifications, etc in your e-marketing campaign.
  • Easily personalize and customize messages.
  • Integration with CRM features to manage client databases.
  • An automatic reply has been sent to customers at the right time.
  • You can design and test the messages before sending them to the audience.
  • Access statistics to make sure the success of campaigns.

Pricing Plans Agnitas have a pricing model that starts at $99/month. They also provide a free trial of their WhatsApp marketing tool.

Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software

Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software

Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software is an all-in-one tool that helps to form a customer database and perform e-marketing campaigns. The tool has many features to send promotional messages on WhatsApp in popular formats like .docx, .xls, .png, etc.

Viking’s WhatsApp bulk marketing software can assist you to manage campaigns on WhatsApp easily through various tools by sorting contacts, easy reports extraction, and sending files during a couple of clicks.

Key features

  • Send bulk messages to your clients.
  • You can attach documents, images in various formats like .docx, .xls, .png and vCards.
  • Add unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send messages from anywhere.
  • Filter WhatsApp contacts to carry out more targeted campaigns.
  • Customize your inbox and send replies to customers individually WhatsApp forwarding feature is available.

Pricing: Viking WhatsApp Tools Ultimate License $135 once a year (for 3 PCs) $95 for 6 months (for 3 PCs)


webmart whatsapp bulk messaging software

Allwebmart may be a great WhatsApp marketing tool for little businesses thanks to its cost-effectiveness. You’ll send bulk messages to your clients and inform them about your services. This tool helps you send up to twenty messages per minute, which suggests you’ll target up to 5000 customers each day without fearing message spam.

Key features

  • Send bulk messages with no credit limit It is very easy to make and add WhatsApp groups.
  • Add unlimited characters to your text messages.
  • Generate reports on sent messages quickly Add images, videos, and audio to your messages to form the marketing campaign.
  • Send a minimum of 100 messages to an unknown person and 3000 messages to a known person

Pricing: WhatsApp Marketing Software Sender Pro is ranging from Rs. 2000 WhatsApp Marketing Panel started from Rs.2500.


WhatsApp Business API Sandbox

Whatsapp Business API Sandbox

WhatsApp Business API Sandbox by Auto chat will assist you in WhatsApp API integration with no special setup. This tool doesn’t require any infrastructure set up as you’ll start using the software just by registering your WhatsApp business with them and you’re good to travel.

This WhatsApp broadcast software tool comes with an easy messaging interface wherein you’ll manage to send and receive messages on one screen. There’s no got to maintain multiple accounts.

Key features

  • Take advantage of just about all functionalities of WhatsApp without expecting account approval.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Customize additional features like a chat box to reinforce the client experience.
  • Threat protection features for secured conversations Do various testings using the sandbox.

Pricing: Auto chat offers a free trial for this WhatsApp marketing software, but you’ll contact the seller for extra details on pricing

Auto Blast Messenger

AutoBlast Messenger may be a WhatsApp Marketing tool specifically designed for agencies, small and medium businesses. This WhatsApp bulk message tool provides all the features that offer you end-to-end solutions for marketing campaigns.

Apart from bulk messaging the tool also provides various features for contract management by maintaining appropriate user engagement.

Key features

  • Capture web subscribers from all of your websites and text them for effective marketing.
  • Constant support services.
  • Contract management by developing seamless communication channels Mass messaging to a specific group of consumers with no limited

Pricing: AutoBlast Messenger has various plans that started from $9.99 as a one-time payment per user.

Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is one of the highest choices for mid-sized businesses that are trying to find a WhatsApp Marketing Tool. The software won’t only assist you to send bulk messages but also make sure that your social media marketing campaigns are administered effectively.

This bulk WhatsApp marketing tool is extremely intuitively designed that permits small businesses to send personalized messages to clients in real-time. Also, you’ll directly interact with customers and build an honest brand image.

Key features

  • SEO tools for effective social media marketing.
  • Customize all the system has generated replies Bulk broadcasting of messages to clients Filter contacts and make a focus-based broadcasting list.
  • Anti-spammer to sends many messages within minutes

Pricing: apid Planner (Monthly Pack) Rs. 350/month Rapid Planner (Quarterly Pack) Rs. 800/quarter Rapid Planner (Half-yearly Pack)Rs. 1500/half year Rapid Planner (Yearly Pack) Rs. 2800/year.

Hubspot Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation

This is often an ideal WhatsApp marketing tool for companies who are trying to find complete automation of their marketing campaigns. HubSpot Marketing Automation contains some powerful tools which will assist you to simply converting visitors into leads. Target the proper market on the idea of who is curious about your products. This may save resources and allow you to specialize in core marketing activities.

Key features

  • Customize messages and emails for every recipient A/B test to realize insights on open rates and click-throughs.
  • Access customer information and records to make hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Manage all social media accounts by monitoring brand mentions and also schedule your social media posts.
  • Design CTAs and check click-through rates over time

Pricing: Starter cost is $40/Month Professional Enterprise is being started with $800/Month Starter + CMS Hub Professional is $3200/Month.

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger may be a WhatsApp marketing automation tool best fitted for small businesses and academic institutes. It allows you to send messages to WhatsApp users without saving their contact numbers.

This WhatsApp blasting software also allows you to import contacts within the sort. Txt or .CSV. Bulk WhatsApp Messenger supports multiple languages and multimedia formats, making it ideal for all of your communication purposes.

Key features

  • Create and manage multiple accounts from one place.
  • Send messages to unlimited contacts Support for all major multimedia formats, like photos, videos, documents, and more
  • Support for all Windows versions: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Filter WhatsApp numbers to spot active and inactive contacts.
  • Generate WhatsApp numbers and extract contacts from WhatsApp groups.

Pricing: Bulk WhatsApp Messenger is out there in three plans: 1 PC, priced at INR 1,899 per license; 2 PC, priced at INR 2,999 per license; and 5 PC, priced at INR 4,999 per license.

WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra bulk message sender software

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is one of the leading bulk SMS tools which will make your marketing campaigns seamless. It’s some state-of-the-art features that will allow you to track your marketing campaigns.

The WhatsApp marketing tool will assist you to send bulk messages instantly and drastically reduce your marketing expenses.

Key features

  • Send bulk messages to offer important information to potential clients with no “Cost per Message”.
  • Seamlessly send a customized message to chosen clients With the Mobile Number List feature send messages to your clients instantly.
  • Send images, audio, and videos alongside text messages Send messages globally.
  • Share transaction details with clients to reinforce transparency.
  • Add unlimited mobile numbers.

Pricing: A lifetime license will cost you $400. Indian clients can make a one-time payment of Rs. 16000.


Sirena bulk whatsapp marketing software

Sirena is one of the foremost efficient WhatsApp marketing tools which will assist you to get customers, communicate effectively with them, and increase conversions. There is a centralized platform that helped employees to look at all the queries and answer them. So no more personal chats with clients. This helps to reinforce customer service and brand loyalty.

Key features

  • WhatsApp was shared inbox which will be accessed by all employees
  • Automated first contact and replies.
  • Easily broadcast messages.
  • Easily track visitors who visited your website.
  • Easy integration with multiple channels Chat with clients using laptops and PC.

Pricing: Basic ranging from $99/ Month And pro ranges from $299/ Month.


WhatsHash whatsapp bulk message software

WhatsHash may be a multitasking WhatsApp Marketing Tool that will assist you to semi-automate your marketing campaigns and also help in CRM. This software for WhatsApp marketing tool helps you to make broadcast lists, automate replies and handle other major CRM operations at minimum cost.

Key features

  • Quick reply feature to send instant messages.
  • Save text messages and other media sent by customers.
  • Build a customer profile by saving all the info Sales funnel to extend conversions.
  • Create a store on WhatsApp with links and products.
  • Get a message directly on WhatsApp when a customer places an order Conduct customer polls and gathers customer feedback easily.

Pricing: Basic is free but charged $14.99/Month and $8.99/Month once you subscribe annually.        

WhatsApp Marketing

Create successful marketing campaigns using WhatsApp Marketing Tool. The intuitive interface will assist you to make and upload the list of potential clients and send bulk messages. Also, once you create an inventory, it’s stored and may be accessed from the user panel to send promotional messages.

The tool also provides a choice to send images and videos along with the side text messages.

Key features

  • Create a database of your clients and send bulk messages.
  • Attach images, videos, and texts with quite 1000 characters per message.
  • Share the YouTube video URL to extend clicks.
  • Easily access statistics on results of delivered messages.
  • Easily customize your marketing campaigns by sorting clients consistent with their name, last name, city, and date of birth Create polls on WhatsApp and Automatically send replies to users.

Pricing:  per Message Credits costs $176.20 10.000 Message Credits is cost $345.71 20.000 Message Credits is cost around $691.42 50.000 Message Credits costs $1338.24 100.000 Message Credits is cost around $2230.40 300.000 Message Credits


WAAM-it Sender

WAAM-it Sender is an intuitively designed and economical WhatsApp marketing tool. The tool will assist you to send unlimited customized messages on WhatsApp to any number of contacts you would like. Also, the tool supports almost 60 languages and is ideal for all global organizations.

Key features

  • Send up to 5000 messages per hour around the world Personalize your messages and include any information including names, emojis, links, etc.
  • Multiple language support Supports LTR and RTL messages Import contacts from various formats including. XLS, CSV, and text schedule your messages.
  • Send images with caption

Pricing: WAAM-it Blaster Basic’s lifetime cost is $547 And pro’s lifetime payment is $687

Prebuilt Marketing

PreBuilt Marketing

PreBuilt Marketing is a perfect WhatsApp marketing tool for little organizations that are battling content creation and being consistent on social media posting.

The bulk WhatsApp software tool fully automates your marketing campaign by writing content, posting them, and analyzing the results. This will assist you to develop brand recognition and develop good customer engagement.

 Key features

  • Social media monitoring has Automated posting on various social media channels.
  • Publish content automatically Get analytics on various social media marketing campaigns Online support

Pricing: Team, Pro, Business is cost accordingly  $127/Month or $1200 annually (1 user license) $300/Month or $3000 annually (3 user license) $500/Month or $4800 annually (10 user license) $750/Month or $7200.


Q sender whatsapp bulk sender tool

Q-Sender is one of the foremost affordable WhatsApp marketing tools that permit you to send personalized messages to users. The tool also helps to determine two-way communication together with your clients and establish a brand value. It is among the fastest WhatsApp broadcasting software through which you’ll send promotional messages, offers, and news to 1000 customers per minute.

Key features

  • Personalize messages.
  • Supports all multimedia formats.
  • Active user filter to urge an inventory of consumers for targeted marketing.
  • Get feedback from customers in real-time Generate instant analysis on marketing campaigns.
  • Contact management Email management.

Pricing: Q-sender charges $15 per user annually with tech support and an updated version.

These WhatsApp marketing tools are very effective to convert potential clients in a very cost-efficient way. Also, for brand spanking new businesses these tools can help to realize early recognition.

If used appropriately, WhatsApp can become an excellent marketing channel for you. Many companies have already started making use of this platform after realizing the large potential offered by WhatsApp. So, leverage these top WhatsApp marketing tools and obtain the simplest out of them for your business.


Can We Use WhatsApp For Marketing?

In contemporary times WhatsApp became highly popular. Yes, more than Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And you can surely use this app for business marketing purposes. If your mind across the thought of WhatsApp’s unprofessionalism and you thought that email marketing is crucial.

Whatsapp is also used by many small businesses such as fashion boutiques, restaurants & grocery shops for communicating offers to the customers. WhatsApp officially launched a new app, called WhatsApp Business in January 2018.

It’s completely separate from the standard version of WhatsApp, but it works in much the same manner – only its purpose is connecting businesses and customers, rather than friends and family. The app can be used for sending notifications, order information, special discount offers & such other information.

Then think twice and draw your attention to the opening rate of email which is 35% to 40% on the other hand, WhatsApp has a 98% open rate which made it more engaging. Even the National marketing head of RED FM says that they had realized that WhatsApp can be used as a very powerful marketing tool which is a great direct communication method with their listeners.

There are many restrictions in SMS and Email but in WhatsApp, you can send photos and short video clips for more engagement in an attractive way. But you need to keep a thing on your mind that Doesn’t spam customers’ inboxes.

Most importantly you need to focus on building up loyal relations with your existing and regular customers rather than focusing to reach out to the new customers. But I assured you if you know all techniques properly then WhatsApp is a beneficial marketing tool for your company.

How Can I Do Free WhatsApp Marketing?

You can do WhatsApp Marketing free of cost. Firstly WhatsApp text messages don’t charge any amount. It has operated by the internet connection just like email and the other web browser.

And the other way of free marketing is Whatso WhatsApp bulk sender. It is a free marketing tool. This whatso bulk WhatsApp sender tool helps to send 20 messages per minute which are helpful for businesses.

By using this software you can send free text with photos, video, and documents and spread it internationally as well. So now you are aware about WhatsApp is pocket-friendly also with all its beneficial features. So what’s pulling you back!! Use it and get benefited.

Is WhatsApp Marketing legal in India?

Today, WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app. WhatsApp is using all possible ways to stop spreading fake news and spam. However, it can’t be properly said that WhatsApp marketing is legal or illegal because currently WhatsApp officially provides individual APIs to companies.

But one thing is sure spamming is illegal and now WhatsApp has started banning your number if you do it. There are many tools available for bulk WhatsApp messages in the market.

You can send thousands of WhatsApp messages within a few minutes by only clicking with WhatsApp marketing software. Download our WhatsApp marketing software for free.  50% of people are saying WhatsApp marketing is legal and another half is saying it is illegal. So you need to main a decorum for Marketing which is don’t spam customers’ inboxes and keep your marketing in a professionalized manner.

What Is Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps. But there is no feature of the advertisement or this app doesn’t support this kind of thing and most importantly it must be used ethically and follow the laws of it.

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger is a WhatsApp marketing tool for businesses and educational institutes. It allows you to send messages to WhatsApp users without saving their contact numbers.

The software for WhatsApp marketing also allows you to import contacts from excel sheets. It can send up to 5000 texts without spamming. This automation tool is one of the most beneficial marketing tools.

Is WhatsApp Safe For Business Use?

Privateness coverage updates of WhatsApp made it safer. WhatsApp become acquired by using FB in 2014. At the time, CEO Jan Koum pressured how deeply he valued the ‘principle of private community’.

But, just two years later, in 2016, both apps announced they could be ‘coordinating extra’– however, did give customers the choice to choose out of sharing their private facts with FB. This time around, there’s no choice out.

Customers who need to retain using WhatsApp after February eighth, 2022, should agree to the updates made to its phrases and privateers policy. This means being organized to proportion their data which includes names, profile photographs, repute updates, smartphone numbers, contacts lists, and IP addresses, in addition to records approximately their cellular device, with Facebook and its wider groups.

Customers who don’t take delivery of the new terms may be blocked from the use of the app. Since the privateers’ policy adjustments have been announced, WhatsApp has now said that it will now not be sharing private information from folks who formerly opted out of sharing their statistics with Facebook.

In step with the register, this putting might seemingly be honored going forward a subsequent month, even if you conform to the brand new policy. For all other customers, there may be no choice-out.

How does WhatsApp Marketing work?

WhatsApp advertising and marketing works as a form of magic wand in your income. The easy trick of including a WhatsApp smartphone range on your internet site may also bring about 27% greater income leads.

It looks like the possibility to reach an emblem via any messaging app alone instills self-belief in capacity customers. At the least, sixty-six % feel extra constructive approximately buying from a company if it is lively on messengers. Better but, you could keep in mind WhatsApp is a stand-on income channel in your business.

It’s feasible with the developing tendency for humans to buy through messaging apps. Kind of 60% of purchasers trusts they may use messengers extra to make purchases within the destiny.

Is WhatsApp Business Free To Use?

Yes, WhatsApp Business is free to download and use. This app was specifically built for business owners. Sending late replies one by one is free, but it would cost you some money if you’d like to use WhatsApp Business API to set up automated replies to customer queries.

WhatsApp Business API lets businesses respond to messages from users for free for up to 24 hours but will charge them a fixed rate by country per message (anywhere between 5 cents to 90 cents for sending response messages) sent after that.

How Can I Sell My Products & Services On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the maximum extensively used direct messaging app in the international; approximately two billion people use it to communicate daily with buddies and circle of relatives, spending extra time chatting than they do on their FB or Instagram profiles.

For this reason, despite WhatsApp changed into not being born as an advertising device, corporations can use this channel to promote their products and/or services. So permit’s apprehend how and what you can do with it. You can follow 6 simple steps to sell on WhatsApp;

  • Download WhatsApp Business App
  • Create a business account
  • Set opening times, welcome messages, and business description
  • Download WhatsApp Web or create an account on Callbell
  • Advertise both online and offline your business’s presence on WhatsApp
  • Manage incoming chats and start selling.

How Can I Send 5000 WhatsApp Messages?

There are various ways to send 5000 messages on WhatsApp with just one click. Using WhatsApp marketing tools is the most common method nowadays.

WhatsApp bulk software can help you out to send 5000 messages within a few minutes with just one simple click. It helps in direct importing contact details from excel sheets and works easily and conveniently.

How Can I Send Bulk Messages On WhatsApp Without Getting Banned?

There are several ways to send bulk messages and don’t get banned which are mentioned below;

  • Groups: It is a user where you send only one text and it will reach every individual who is there in the group. So, there are no opportunities to get banned.
  • Paid way to send bulk messages: paid ways allows sending an unlimited text to every single user. This includes many features like delay control, speed control, multimedia message sending, contact filter, and contact grabber. With this service, you are allowed to spin text manually or automatically, many new contents will be created, your clients will get unique messages.

 How Does WhatsApp Make Money?

When it comes to earning, there are two different way from which WhatsApp earn money. One is its subscription fee and another is its database management. So take a deep look into these two matter

  • Subscription fee: WhatsApp permits its user to fancy the services free of charge for the initial year. However, at that time it charges $0.99 for continuing service.

However, to date, I have not detected anyone who has purchased this service. Curiously, it tends to increase the free service amount whenever a user reaches the point of the termination date.

So this methodology of revenue generation that appears like the sole visible revenue generation theme is not generating the revenue

  • Database management: According to our survey, the revenue generation for WhatsApp is primarily through the direction. All the conversations on WhatsApp texts are secured on WhatsApp servers perpetually.

Our conversations replicate our interests, likes, and dislikes and majorly depict our preferences. This info is valuable to huge corporations wherever relevant tailor-created products are often offered when information sorting. So now it’s clear I guess.

Why Is WhatsApp Banning Numbers?

WhatsApp bans numerous amount of users. In most cases, the authority automatically bans a number. So if someone has been banned by WhatsApp, it means the user did something that the Facebook-own app did not tolerate.

WhatsApp bans its users when they sense a slight violation or notice someone breaks the regulations of its terms and conditions.

Also, on occasions, if someone is using an unsupported version of WhatsApp rather than the official WhatsApp app, they will be temporarily banned from using the messaging app. This is all about banning the laws of WhatsApp.

What Countries Have Banned WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is permanently banned in the following countries by direct order of government. Most of these countries banned WhatsApp in the name of national security.

  • China
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

People Are Buying Whatso’s Software Know Why!

Whatso whatso bulk whatsapp sender

According to a survey conducted by a leading research organization Nielsen, Whatsapp has a more than 95% engagement ratio. Engagement ratio means that if you send a message to 100 people, what percent of people are going to view, share and interact with your content.

Remember, email has an engagement rate of around 20-40% depending upon the business category. SMS has an engagement rate of around 50-70% but sending marketing SMS is nowadays very difficult.

So if you’re considering increasing your sales & revenue, there are very few marketing channels left where you can spend less but generate more leads. And so Whatsapp is the most preferred platform for this. On top of this, Whatsapp has more than 1.5 billion users using it daily. It is also one of the only channels where you can target all demography of the audience easily.

So how do I take benefit of WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp is aware that its platform will be heavily misused if it opens up for marketers. Hence Whatsapp has deliberately not opened its app for marketers and has also not opened any API for WhatsApp marketing.

There is a Whatsapp API available for small businesses which can work with transactional messages such as Movie or Flight Ticket booking. Many leading companies in the airline and restaurant domain are using Whatsapp API for sending their customer transactional messages.

It is necessary for businesses to evolve with time and use the latest cutting-edge technology to bring the customer acquisition cost down. Businesses have been using channels like SMS, Emails, Adwords, FB & Instagram channels, and Google SEO to reach the target audience. However, nothing beats WhatsApp when it comes to massive reach and high engagement.

WhatsApp As A Marketing Tool: The Magical Grimoire

You have been thinking of different ways to boost your business. You have been trying different marketing methods and strategies to grow your business. Perhaps you have been very active on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to tell the world about your business, your service, or your product. But have you tried Whatsapp marketing software like Bulk Whatsapp Sender?

But it is a fiercely competitive world out there. So it is not that easy to grab eyeballs on these much-used social networking sites. Maybe, you need to find a new medium or a new way of spreading the message about your business.

Marketing is all about getting the message across to customers successfully. And the best marketing tool is the one which carries a personal touch also. So, can you think of a new marketing tool that not only has a wide reach but also gives a personal touch to your marketing campaigns? And most importantly, people pay attention to the information transmitted through it.

Have you ever thought of using Whatsapp as a marketing tool? Do you realize how big a part it can play in the growth of your business? Yes! In this era of social networking sites and apps, WhatsApp can play a vital role in taking your business forward. We can underestimate the reach of Whatsapp only at our own peril. The latest Whatsapp marketing software like Bulk Whatsapp sender is a tool that can propel your business to newer heights.

WhatsApp Marketing To Your Rescue: Your Best Bet On Marketing

Whatsapp has been in use for over 10 years now but businesses have not explored its potential as a marketing tool. It has largely been ignored as a marketing weapon.

We are sure you would be asking how can Whatsapp be more effective than other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin which have a huge reach and far greater acceptance as marketing platforms.

Well, we will answer that with a simple statistic in the next section. But, for now, we will see how you have been using email marketing to grow your business. You have been sending bulk emails to potential buyers/customers to register your presence in the market. But what has been the percentage outcome? You will admit that it is not even 10%.

This is so because the email opening rate is much lower than SMS opening. So most of your emails are not read. That means people open and read SMSes more quickly than they do emails.

Putting it statistically, the SMS opening rate is almost 80% i.e. there is an 80% chance that your SMS on Whatsapp will be read. Do you have such a high probability on any other medium? And it is a free SMS service with a huge user base. So now you know why and how Whatsapp is a boon as a marketing tool.

Like most business owners, I even have tried some marketing & automation tools associated with WhatsApp marketing. Also, the invention of several other new tools that have emerged into the WhatsApp marketing ecosystem rands, agencies, and enormous enterprises to expand their reach to a way larger audience in the quickest way possible.

Unfortunately, these are the sole unofficial marketing applications & tools which may help support the expansion & assist you to utilize WhatsApp as a marketing tool to grow your business and help promote the product or service you plan to supply via WhatsApp.

Today majority of the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and various others allow you to re-market, re-target, and expand your reach to a bigger audience just by paying for the advertisement. But, on WhatsApp, you cannot do this.

WhatsApp doesn’t sell advertisements on its platform. Infant, WhatsApp has made it clear from the very start that it will not be looking to integrate any kind of advertisement option inside its platform.

What Is WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Although Whatsapp has a wide reach and is an acceptable form of communication, it still does not have enough features to reach a bulk audience. It is introducing new features but still not enough for you to reach your target customers in the same manner as bulk SMS or emails. This is where the third-party Whatsapp marketing software like Bulk Whatsapp Sender comes into play.

You Should Use WhatsApp Marketing Software: But Why?

A general perception is that Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have the most number of users. And marketing on these social networking sites will fetch a good amount of business. No doubt all these platforms have a very wide user base and people understand their usage and benefit better but Whatsapp has overtaken all these platforms rapidly and has an ever-increasing number of regular users.

Let us put it plainly – as per the latest data, Facebook has 1.65 billion active users, Twitter has over 300 million active users and Linkedin has about 100 million active users throughout the world. And what about Whatsapp?

Well, you may be surprised to know that Whatsapp has an active user base of 1 billion. Or we can safely say that Whatsapp has more active users than Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter put together.

Does that answer the question we raised in the previous section/ So, can you now see the potential of Whatsapp as a marketing tool? And if given a choice, will you not go for Whatsapp marketing software to boost your business?

The ease of sending and receiving images and videos on Whatsapp makes it an ideal marketing tool. The speed with which you can connect with your customer and exchange information on Whatsapp is far ahead of other social media platforms.

Have you tried making groups on Whatsapp and adding like-minded people to them? And like-minded here does not only mean sharing the same interests, it could be your potential customers or buyers also, who would share an interest in your products or services.

And the best part is it is not very time-consuming. Imagine putting in some information and getting an instant reply. Many businesses have already started using Whatsapp to inform their customers about new arrivals or events.

A Little Something About Whatso Bulk Sender: The Monstrous & Power-packed Tool!

You don’t want to feel restricted while pushing your marketing campaigns. You want to design and distribute information about your business in a way you feel will give maximum results.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender helps you in doing exactly that. It is a third-party Whatsapp marketing software. You have no character limit and you can freely send images and videos so you don’t feel constrained while passing the message across.

Since most of your target customers are using Whatsapp, it is an ideal tool to give a personal touch to all your marketing campaigns.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender has many features. The first and foremost is being able to send messages in bulk. Apart from that, you can search out the most active numbers from your contact list. You can send text, images, videos, and audio.

Create and upload the list of your potential clients who are using WhatsApp and store it so that you can send bulk messages anytime.

Different versions of this Whatsapp marketing software are available to suit every system like Android, iPhone, windows phone, and pc.

The key to success in business is keeping up with the latest technology and adopting it in a way that gives you the best results. And using a technology, which has a high probability of boosting your conversion rates is the wise thing to do.

Whatsapp marketing software Bulk Whatsapp Sender is the in thing. This will not only increase your productivity but will also increase your market reach manifold. And its ease of usage saves you considerable time too.

Buy Whatso: Every Businesses First Choice!

It is high time you start using Whatsapp as a marketing tool and started implementing your marketing campaigns through Bulk Whatsapp Sender.

Whatso has become one of the most sold tools and has been sold more than 25,000 times because of the huge need in the market for Whatsapp marketing.

Moreover, Whatso is used almost by all categories of businesses such as restaurants, Hotels, Real Estate, institutes, IT Companies, Grocery Shops Beauty Parlours, Big Businesses such as Pharma Companies, Chemical Companies, etc provides a free demo for download too.

One of the main reasons for the success of Whatso is its simple-to-use interface and great price. WhatsApp has not developed its software for marketing & so there are many third-party vendors such as Whatso, taking care of the bulk messaging needs of the market.

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