ContentOpia is expanding!

We are adding more services to our offer, and our website is getting a new look. Bear with us!

Digital solutions to develop your mission

Being on a mission to change the world takes time and efforts. We’re here to help.

Contentopia is a leading digital agency specialised in non-profit and charity work. Our team of experts put their 10+ years of experience in the digital world to help you develop your online content and digital marketing strategies. Because making a positive impact on the world starts with working with the right team!

Unique. Impactful. Results-driven.

Ad Grants specialist

Get more out of your Google Ad Grants with our team of experts, specialised in Google for non-profit. Increase your online visibility, reach a bigger audience and get fast results with the right ad campaigns.

Don’t have an Ad Grants account yet? We can apply for you and take care of the formalities to save you time and efforts.

Social butterflies

Develop your community – Weather your social media presence is 100 or 1,000000, the sound of your online voice needs to be heard loud and clear. With expert analysis and the use of the latest online tools, we will grow your audience and your interaction with it, with original and creative content and strategy.

Content heroes

Tell it like it is – Our team of experienced content creators skillfully construct to the point written and video content that will add color to your story, making it hard to forget.

Language experts

Can you translate that? Google translate is not going to help you reach a bigger audience. Our language experts can provide the translation that gives your message the nuance it deserves. We provide translations in English, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and Greek.