At ContentOpia, we understand how important your social accounts are to you. With that in mind, we can be as hands-off or hands-on as you like. Our in-house Social Media executive is happy to apply their extensive experience in social strategy and growth, from providing words of advice to developing a full social media strategy for your NGO, non-profit or charity.

What we can do

Individual / grouped posts – In discussion with your organisation, we will create any number of cross-platform social media posts to keep a consistent presence of original content on your platforms.

Goal-based campaigns – Do you want a catchy new hashtag? Or do you need to raise some donations so you can continue your mission-based cause? We can tailor a campaign to your needs. This might be the creation of an advert and the accompanying campaign content to launch it. Or the promotion of your organisation’s offer or project.

Events – If you’re looking for a cross-platform social campaign to promote an upcoming event, we’ve got that covered. In collaboration with your organisation, we will create a strategy that maximises all stages of your event. 

Maintenance and management – We will work closely with an existing team to ensure they are maximising the potential of your social media platforms. If there is no team currently in place, we can also take wider control and publish content according to a pre-agreed schedule.