The ultimate guide to a plastic-free kitchen

ultimate guide to a plastic-free kitchen

Plastic has probably been part of your life for as long as you can remember. As a baby, you would have been fed through plastic bottles, plastic plates, and plastic cutlery, because it doesn’t break and it is easy to clean. Growing up, there is no doubt that plastic has been there for you all the steps of the way, from lunch boxes to water bottles, from cooking utensils to food packaging, from shopping bags to plastic straws in your cocktails.
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How to reduce your plastic waste with 7 easy tips

Plastic is cheap. Plastic is durable and moldable. But plastic waste is the cause of an environmental disaster for which we still struggle to fully comprehend the consequences on our planet, and our health.

Because plastic waste is not biodegradable, it never disappears completely. Even after 400 years, a single plastic bottle is still present in the environment as microparticles of plastic. We might not always see it, but it doesn’t mean that it is not present everywhere around us. In the soil, in the oceans, even in the air.
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Green travel: 11 tips for an eco-friendly vacation

When traveling, each and every one of us (unintentionally) leaves a CO2 trail behind. Whether we travel by plane, by train, by car, by bus or by boat, we just cannot help it. Air travel itself contributes to 2,5% of the total carbon emissions in a year, and it is expected that this number could rise to 20% by 2050 as air travel becomes a more popular mode of transport as prices become more economical.
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3 good reasons to drink tap water rather than bottled water

tap water bottled water

You must have heard about it a thousand times: plastic bottles are bad for the environment and for your health. They pollute our oceans, our rivers, our lakes. They help microparticles of plastic to enter your body with almost every sip. Everybody is talking about it. Even here, at rOcean, we like to have our share of plastic pollution news.

With all the scary stuff you read online, heard on the radio or saw on TV, you’re ready to ditch the plastic bottle once and for all, but you need to find a good replacement first. After all, bottled water might be pictured as the devil, but it still is convenient, accessible, and healthier than tap water, right? Wrong.
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