A word from our founder

“Hi there!

I am Enora, an experienced bilingual content specialist born in France and raised with a taste for good books and adventure. I started as a journalist before switching to online marketing and content a few years ago. But my passion for storytelling started long before that…

I wrote my first short story at the age of 7. By short, I mean two handwritten pages about a family of bears going on holiday for Christmas. And although the international success of that short story is yet to come, I realised back then something very important: I wanted to be a storyteller.

Formed in a journalism school in France, I have worked as a journalist for three years before turning to another type of content: online marketing one. I have gained my copywriting agility working within various environments, from e-commerce to NGOs. These experiences combined together have forged my writing skills while also turning me into an SEO specialist.

In 2017, I decided it was time for me to choose my own path and to focus on things that I care the most about: environmental causes, wildlife protection and human empowerment. The world has its stories to tell and I want to help. That’s why I mostly work with NGOs and mission-based companies around the globe, to help them raise awareness on a number of environmental or human rights issues, and to get their stories out to the world.

Are you looking for impacting content for your organisation or mission-based company? Contentopia provides you with unique and high-quality content, fully SEO optimised for online searches, in English and in French. And if you are looking for someone who can assess the quality of your website and provide you with insightful SEO tips, manage your online advertisement campaigns and take care of your social media, I am also your woman. Drop us a line!”