This changelog covers what has changed in the and platform.

14 February 2023

New features and changes on the website.

  1. Redesign: Complete new design for the website with a new fresh logo.

New features and changes in the platform.

  1. Reseller Generate License: Start and End Date for license’s are now editable.
  2. Campaign Detail Report: We are now giving complete details on why messages failed and % statistics on campaign success.
  3. Campaigns: We now support Video Templates. Currently you will have to upload video on your own server/dropbox and just put the link of that in Whatso.
  4. Templates: In Templates, we are now showing the complete Facebook Response at the bottom for further debugging purpose in case a template is now showing.

31 January 2023

New features and changes in the platform.

  1. Create Campaigns: Video Templates are now live
  2. Reseller Portal: In the Reseller panel, the size of the logo was not proper. We have made a square size logo now.
  3. Reseller Portal: In the Reseller panel, all minor places where Whatso branding was shown have been removed.
  4. Reseller Website: WordPress-powered reseller websites are now available for all clients.
  5. Speed Optimizations: We have added a few static files on CDN for speed improvements.

25 January 2023

New features and changes in the platform.

  1. My Profile: Passwords in My Profile are now not displayed on the screen and instead an asterisk * symbol is shown.
  2. Incoming Message Forwarding: When you forward an incoming message, now we automatically append a + before the number so that you easily chat with the person who sent you a message.
  3. Inbox: Bug fix in Inbox. Earlier for the message – “Your free 24-hour window is over. You can WhatsApp via your own personal number.” The link to the number was incorrect. It is now corrected.
  4. Campaign Detail: The message is now showing on the Campaign Details page.
  5. Create Campaign: The campaign name can now have space as well as a dash.